Christmas – Appetite For Selfdestruction LP


In 2010, this band was founded in the hinterland of the province of St.Wendel. At first, hardly any of his instruments dominated. After several changes, nothing changed, only the stability at the counter rose noticeably. The quartet was touring in almost hyperactive manner through half of Europe and has since then shared stages with bands like Turbonegro, Black Fag, Kotzreiz etc. The entertainment factor always rose, no matter whether singer Max Mötherfucker with glass bottles, read guitarist Tommy Crack also with great effort only Still lulling, or Matze Rosette fell asleep during her own show. Only Mrs. Mötherfucker on the bass occasionally made a good figure. As far as the story … Now with “Apetitet For Selfdestruction” after some previous small formats the debut album appears as LP and CD. Nomen est omen, 10 songs in a homicide, with the whole circle of friends in the background withgrölt and just before the end Turbonegro Happy Tom the conclusion of the album announces:? Fuck Christmas !?

The vinyl is coming in black!

delivery time: 3-4 days from incoming payments